Are there any safe areas in guatemala?

Antigua Guatemala is a charming colonial city in Guatemala’s central highlands and one of the best places to visit in Guatemala.

So, are there any safe areas in guatemala? It’s Generally Safe. It is quite safe to travel in Guatemala under the right conditions. Some regions are safer than others, but in general it is safe. As a foreigner, never travel alone. Ideally, you want to travel with someone local who knows the area and current safety climate. Never travel after dark.

Don’t Travel at Night. Even in the safest parts of Guatemala (probably Antigua and Panajachel), it is not a good idea to walk or drive at night. During the day throughout Guatemala, it is usually just as safe as the U.S., it’s during the night when most crimes are reported.

Is it safe in Guatemala City? | Where to stay in Guatemala City?

My thoughts on different neighborhoods of Guatemala City. Lots of people asked me on Reddit about safety; I address this topic here.

The important conclusion of this video: don’t judge the city/country/travel destination based on stuff you see on the internet. It is common to see that Guatemala City is not worth visiting and should only be the connection hub on your way to Antigua. This is not true. I encourage you to see this city for yourself.

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Which zone is best to stay in Guatemala?

Zona 10 is the best area to stay in in Guatemala City for its variety of hotels, central location, and good nightlife. Most importantly, Zona 10 offers a safe environment for international visitors to Guatemala City.

Is Zone 9 in Guatemala City Safe?

Zonas 9 & 10 These ritzy zones straddle the Avenida La Reforma in the southern part of the city center, with Zona 9 to the west and Zona 10 to the east. … The streets in Zona 10 are relatively safe, and the area has a hopping nightlife.

Is Zone 10 Safe in Guatemala?

Zones 9 & 10 These tree-lined avenues are home to Guatemala’s wealthiest residents, as well as the city’s most expensive hotels. … Zone 10 is the safest area of the city.

Why is Guatemala so violent?

According to the US Department of State, Guatemala’s high murder rate is caused by four principal factors: an increase in drug trafficking; a growing prevalence of gang-related violence; a heavily armed civilian population; and a weak and incompetent police/judicial system.

Is Guatemala safe for tourists 2020?

Guatemala is not the safest country to visit. It has extremely high crime rates, of both violent and petty crime. You should be vigilant and take all possible precaution measures in order to minimize the risk of something wrong happening.

Is Zone 1 safe in Guatemala?

Now, Zone 1 is sketchy, but the following zones are downright dangerous and you, as a visitor, have no business being in them. These are Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone, 8, and Zone 12. Zone 13 isn’t great either, but that’s where the airport is, and you’ll pass through in a taxi, Uber, or bus.

Where do expats live in Guatemala?

Most expats living in Guatemala settle in the capital, Guatemala City, or Antigua.

Is living in Guatemala safe?

Despite having a reputation for crime, Guatemala is generally safe to visit right now. Travel warnings and stats don’t always paint a true picture of what it’s like to actually BE in the country. For example, most violent crime is gang-related i.e. only affects locals living in certain areas.

What places to avoid in Guatemala?

Avoid the known crime hotspots in Guatemala City: Zones 1, 3, 6, 18 and 21. Several tourists have reported being robbed at gunpoint while climbing the volcano at Volcan de Agua and also on walking tracks throughout the country. Tourist buses and shuttle buses are occasionally robbed at gunpoint.

What is the safest country in Central America?

Costa Rica Costa Rica is consistently rated as the safest country in all of Central America and the Caribbean – an awesome piece of news for anyone looking for a tropical paradise to escape to.

What is the biggest problem in Guatemala?

Public Security, Corruption, and Criminal Justice Violence and extortion by powerful criminal organizations remain serious problems in Guatemala. Gang-related violence is an important factor prompting people, including unaccompanied children and young adults, to leave the country.

How bad is life in Guatemala?

Guatemala suffers from a serious housing crisis. More than half of citizens have inadequate housing and land rights remain an issue, with around 1 percent of the population owning 60 percent of the land. Many families live in homes with dirt floors with parasites which cause different illnesses.

Is Guatemala unsafe?

Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America; there were 4,914 violent deaths in 2018. Although the majority of serious crime involves local gangs, incidents are usually indiscriminate and can occur in tourist areas. Despite the high levels of crime, most visits to Guatemala are trouble-free.

What are the safest zones in Guatemala?

Zones 13, 14, 15, and 16 are maybe the safest ones in Guatemala. 1, 4 and 7 are far the most dangerous zones.

What is the cheapest country to live in Central America?

One of the biggest appeals of living in Nicaragua is the affordability. Nicaragua real estate is very affordable. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Americas, meaning that everything there is very affordable.

How bad is crime in Guatemala?

Rates of crime in Guatemala are very high. An average of 101 murders per week were reported in 2018. The countries with the highest crime and violence rates in Central America are El Salvador and Honduras.

Is Antigua Guatemala Safe 2021?

The short answer? Yes. In general, Antigua Guatemala is very safe but precautions should still be exercised. Antigua is one of the safest cities in all of Guatemala.

Where do wealthy people live in Guatemala?

Avenida La Reforma, just south of the city centre, separates the two zones, with Zone 9 to the west and Zone 10 to the east. These tree-lined avenues are home to Guatemala’s wealthiest residents, as well as the city’s most expensive hotels.

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